GK Trading – Quarterly Update 6/30/18


First of all, thank you for visiting the site.  As you may know, I’m a contributor for the member-based site TTP Trading  along with CJ Agresta. Members receive nightly updates tracking all alerted trades. In addition,  I provide a quarterly performance summary for everyone.  Why? Because I think it’s important to be transparent with ALL trades and not just point out the winners on social media.  There have been plenty of winners but trust me, there are some losers in there as well.  In the attached, you will see all open trades I currently have as well as all activity since the start of the service.

Overall, the stock trades are up a little over 13% on the year.  A solid start easily outpacing the indexes but my goal is not to beat the indexes.  Obviously, if the market is acting well, I want to keep up and better yet, outperform.  However, if the market is down 20% and I’m down 10%, that is not a victory.  I want to make money regardless of what the indexes are doing.  Relative outperformance is great but nowhere near as important as having a positive bottom line and being able to compound your money.

Overall, I’m moderately pleased with the first half of the year.  I can make no promises of performance going forward but can promise that I will continue to evolve, improve, and provide members with the best trade ideas and trade education I can.

I believe trading is a journey and requires continual development and evolution.  I find it similar to the game of golf.  There’s always something in your game that can be improved no matter how much success you have had and once you think you have it all figured out you will be humbled quickly.  So I’ll keep working….

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions regarding the service.  Thanks for your time and I hope you have a great week.  See the link below for all trading activity:

GK Trading – TTP Portfolio Tracking

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