Some Ideas for Next Week 11-16-19


It’s been a while since I posted anything out on my site but I had a few minutes this morning so figured I’d share some charts from my watchlist for next week.  As I frequently talk about, the weekend is a great time to get a plan together for the upcoming trading week.  It helps me greatly to have a focused list of stocks and know exactly where I’d consider entering and where my stop is going to be (this is crucial).  Here’s some charts that have my attention for next week.  As usual, the yellow highlighted area is the level I’m watching.  These are all long ideas so I would only consider these with price above the yellow and my stop would be just below these levels.


These are just some of many that look interesting to me.  Have a great weekend everyone!

The charts above are from TrendSpider.  If you haven’t tried a free trial check it out here.  The platform continues to push out enhancements and gets better and better.  If you like what you see, use code GRG15 to save 15%.


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