Setups for Next Week – 9-3-18


I wasn’t able to get my public view video completed but wanted to get out some charts showing some of my favorite setups coming into this week.  Key horizontal price levels that have acted as support and/or resistance in the past are highlighted.  These are all long ideas so price needs to be above these levels for me to consider entering with stops slightly below the highlighted levels.  I’m showing plain HLC bars here with no moving averages.  I like this simplicity of this look when scanning through charts so that’s what you’ll see below instead of my typical candlestick charts with 50 and 200 day MA’s.  Hopefully, this helps give you some ideas for next week.  Here’s the charts:


If interested, please check out where you have access to trade ideas, portfolio tracking, educational content and live trade alerts from both myself and CJ Agresta (@TTPrading) for one low price.  We work hard to provide valuable content for our members.  Thank you and have a great week!

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