TTP Trading – Member Nightly Update from 3/8/18


Here’s another preview of the nightly recap TTP Trading members received 3/8/18 detailing our buy of KEM earlier that day along with updates on open positions.  Members get updates, live trade alerts, and educational material from both myself and CJ Agresta (@TTPtrading on Twitter) at one low price of $69/month -cancel anytime.  Feel free to reach out with questions.  Here’s the post…


Another trade was closed today for short term gains.  It’s been a good week as gains were booked on 6 trades so far this week with the average gain over 9%.  Nice to get these when we can.  Today’s partial sale was on QD which was alerted last Tuesday as it started breaking out of that nice bottoming base and a nice breakout it was.  I only sold half my shares here for a 10.5% gain.  The chart is strong so I’m hoping this one runs for us for a long time, and like all the swing sales this week, selling these partial shares for a gain helps me with my patience on the rest of the trade.  Everybody’s style may be a bit different but for me getting a quick reward helps me more easily take a step back and look at the big picture.  I guess I’m a trend-follower at heart but don’t have the patience to always act like it until I book some gains and scale back my position size.

I did have a buy today as well on KEM.  This company is the electrical components industry and has some solid growth numbers and fundamentals.  That’s nice but not why I bought.  This one had a big run up in December and January but gave up much of those gains (61.8% actually – a Fibonacci number) into the beginning of February where it has been forming a little base.  It had a nice move up today and I’m hoping this is the start of a bigger move.  Swing target is around the January highs of about $21.  Of course we always have to anticipate this could go against us like any trade.  If that happens, I’ll look to get out on a move under $17.  Here’s the chart:

Open positions below.  AKAM which we bought last week had a really nice move today gaining 7+%.   LULU’s not taking off the way I’d hoped so far and long time holding TECK’s chart is looking a littler week shorter-term.  I’ll be watching these and all other and will alert any moves I make.  Feel free to reach out with any questions.  Thank you.


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