Charts I Like – Week of 3/5/18


Looking at charts of the indexes I have a pretty neutral view.  They aren’t screaming buy or sell to me right here.  There are plenty of really good long setups I’m seeing out there though.  This doesn’t mean I’m bullish on the markets in general.  If charts setup for long or short trades with solid risk / reward characteristics, I try not to overthink and simply take the entry.   Same goes for exiting a stock when the reason for entering is violated.

Here’s a few that look especially good that I’ll be eying for potential entries next week.   Rather than adding commentary to each chart, I’ll just point out each of these look good on the long side over the highlighted price area.  If prices get below the highlighted boxes, they would no longer look attractive to me on the long side.

Let’s get to the charts:


I recently entered positions in a couple of these.  If you are interested in actionable trade ideas, educational material, sector reviews, and live trade alerts please check out TTP Trading.  With both myself and veteran trader CJ Agresta (@TTPtrading) you get access to both of us for one low monthly price of $69/month and you can cancel anytime.

Thank you and have a great week!

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