Some of My Favorite S&P 500 Stocks on Multiple Timeframes

Reviewing multiple timeframes is a key part of my process.  I’ve mentioned this many times before.  You want these time frames to align when entering a trade or at a minimum not provide conflicting information.  My default view is a weekly chart going back a few years and my trade timing is based on daily charts.  I recently switched to TC 2000 for my charting software which has really helped me speed up my chart reviews.  I also love the option to quickly click through charts and look at multiple time frames all at once.

Well tonight I went through every single stock in the S&P 500.  This was a fun process (I have a problem – I know) but quite worthwhile.  Below I have posted charts that jumped out at me during my review.  This is a different look from how I normally post charts.  The weekly chart along with volume and a momentum indicator (MACD) are on the left, the daily chart w/ volume is on the top right, and the monthly chart on the bottom left.  I enjoy doing this type of research (again hard to understand if you are not a chart nerd like me) and hope you find it helpful.  I provide numerous watchlists and reviews for members at along with real time trade alerts so please check it out if you are interested.  We are just getting going and I believe we will continue to provide great value to our members.  Early bird pricing is still available.

Here’s the charts:

bbtcfcvxdrieclfhstkey (2)nkenuepcarpmprupwrstitiftpr I’d say there are a lot of good looks in the bunch.  Again, I hope you find this useful and please check out  Feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

Have a great night.


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